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We are a complete HSE services provider based in the North East, and offering our services throughout the UK. Our objective is to help companies stay compliant to HSE legislations and operate in line with HSE best practice. Thereby, promoting a safer workplace and sustained business continuity.

With an ever increasing need to reduce accidents in the workplace caused by unsafe acts and conditions, we are committed to ensure your organisation avoids the direct and indirect costs associated with poor safety management which includes law suits, bad company reputation , low staff morale and financial losses.


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Welcome to HASA Agency Limited

HASA Agency Ltd exists to provide a full range of HSE services to its clients. Our services include Organisational HSE Management, HSE Auditing, HSE Training (face-to-face and online), ISO45001/ISO14001 Gap Analysis, HSE Legislation Diary and HSE Staffing services.

Do you want to develop or audit your existing HSEMS in line with industry best practice? Are you are looking to audit your onsite practices or HSE document control? Or you are looking to provide HSE training for staff in your organisation? Are you looking to develop and maintain a HSE legal diary? Are you looking to carry out an ISO 45001 or ISO 14001 gap analysis in your organisation?

Our professionals which include chartered members of IOSH and IEMA, and other internationally recognized bodies and institutions have relevant local and international experience in various industries which include construction, engineering manufacturing, and oil and gas. With a track record of success for various SMEs in these different industries, we know we can provide these services to your organisation and ensure your organisational HSE management is in line with best practice.


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Client satisfaction is the heart of what we do.


Working hand in hand with your organisation we can create a safer workplace, enhance staff well-being, and help drive sustainable prosperity in your organisation by ensuring excellent HSE management.

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