German Helmets - Village Builders Choice

In an Oxfordshire village, site managers on a house-building site are among the first construction workers in the UK to a new kind of hard hat imported from Germany. The ENHA Ranger is a double-walled safety helmet with what the manufacturer calls its Crashbox impact absorption system, inspired by the crumple zone effect from the automotive industry.

Mactaggart & Mickel director Marion Forbes said: “We’ve had great feedback from our staff about the new helmets, including their comfort and design – but the most important thing is the extra safety they bring to our sites.” The German-made helmets are sold in the UK by to personal protective equipment (PPE) specialist Alpha Solway. ENHA GmbH and Alpha Solway are both part of Globus Group. Manchester-based Globus acquired ENHA Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH in 2017

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